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Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Solution

ACTG-CRO guarantees that your products (medicines or medical devices) you wish to export or produce in Africa or elsewhere are authentic, safe and impossible to counterfeit because of the technology used in the process enabling the consumer to verify the authenticity of the product. Analyzing the packaging's microstructure using the smartphone's camera, this mobile technology identifies counterfeit products using its mobile device. 

This anti-counterfeiting technology solution is committed to offering companies the best solution to protect their brand and business and to shielding consumers from dangerous counterfeit drugs. 

Many problems are caused by counterfeiting:

  • Revenue decreases (a loss of 10 millions dollars per year and the counterfeit industry amounts to 2.5% of GLOBAL TRADE and is worth over $500 BILLION for counterfeit goods)

  • Brand Image is affected (lost of trust from partners and clients)

  • People are at risk (1 million people die because of counterfeit products each year. That is more than Malaria).

The anti-counterfeiting technology solution that we offer is the most secure solution available on the market to annihilate the scourge of counterfeit medicines.

The reasons why our solution is the most secure one: 

  • The synthetic Unique IDentifier: Our solution provides each product with its own unique and individual chemical signature, allowing you to easily identify and tagged them. Each tag is totally unique and therefore impossible to replicate, much like a fingerprint. No two certificates have the same fingerprint. The neural-network tech will tell the difference.

  • Traceability: 

    • Each individual product is unique and recognizable as such

    • Can be identified and followed all along the distribution chain

    • Know where and when your product was scanned


ACTG-CRO is proud to be the first and unique CRO providing an anti-counterfeiting Technology Solution using IA.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or more details, to arrange a meeting or a call.

Together, let's protect Access to Healthcare in Africa!!

ACTG-CRO Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

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