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Become a Clinical Trial Investigator in Africa

According to the Good Clinical Practice ("Bonnes Pratiques Cliniques"):


"4.1.1. The investigator is a physician fulfilling the conditions of practice of medicine and having the appropriate competence to assume the obligations conferred on it by the legislative provisions and regulations in force and by this Annex. The conditions of practice of medicine are provided for in Article L. 4111-1 of the Public Health Code. It provides the sponsor with a current curriculum vitae, dated and signed, to evaluate his ability to direct and monitor research. The application for opinion at the CPP mentioned in Article R. 1123-20 of the Public Health Code, includes this information."

Clinical trial investigators play an important role in the development of products to treat disease patients, and improve the health of people in Africa. The large volume of new drugs, therapies and devices under development has dramatically increased the number of clinical trials required to properly evaluate them.

Advantages of Being a Clinical Trial Investigator with ACTG-CRO:

Physicians in public and private practice are needed to join as investigators in these clinical trials. By conducting clinical trials, physicians gain several advantages:

  • Professional Development. Remain at the cutting edge of your specific area of therapeutic interest; meet other clinical trial investigators to exchange ideas and plan future collaboration.

  • Professional Recognition. Clinical trial investigators are often recognized as thought leaders within the professional community and may have the opportunity to become co-authors of articles for publication.

  • New Revenue Stream. Clinical trials offer the opportunity for additional revenue.

  • Role in the Evolution of Medicine. Clinical trial investigators can potentially bring breakthrough products to the market that could impact the health of people in Africa.

  • Introduce New Treatments / Medical devices to Your Patients. Clinical trial investigators have the advantage of offering patients alternative treatments that may be available only through participation in clinical trials. Patients may receive care at no cost throughout the trial and may be provided with medication they might not otherwise be able to afford.


You are a Clinical Trial Investigator who works and lives in an African country and would like to have Clinical Trials taking place within your Site? Then come and register via our website to work with our Company ACTG-CRO [Africa Clinical Trials Group - CRO] and together, let’s improve access to healthcare in Africa!!

Together, let's improve access to healthcare in Africa.

Clinical Trial Investigator Registration Form

Africa Clinical Trials Group - Contract Research Organization (ACTG-CRO) will use the information you provide on this page for the purpose of setting up your investigator profile within our database. You will be asked further details as you move through the registration process that will allow ACTG-CRO to consider you for future investigator opportunities. Important information on how ACTG-CRO handles personal information and what rights you may have under data privacy laws are included within our Information Security Commitment and ACTG-CRO’s Legal Notice.

Please note that the forms must be filled in solely by the investigator who lives and works in an African Country. The same applies to completing the Investigator Background Information (IBI) and the data protection authorization forms that will be sent to you once you filled the registration form below. The data protection authorization may only be signed by the investigator. If you are a study coordinator or someone else involved in conducting trials with the investigator, you may request copies of the PDF version of the IBI by emailing ACTG-CRO, filling out the forms and asking the investigator to sign them. You can then either fax or mail the forms to us. The mailing address are on the document and on ACTG-CRO's Website.

Become a Clinical Trial Investigator

Thanks for submitting!

We will contact you within 24h for further details by sending you

the Investigator Background Information (IBF).

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