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Clinical Trials in Africa

Total of Registered Clinical Trials by country in Africa since 2017

Clinical Trials in Africa

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Observational Studies

Interventional Studies

Source: ACTG-CRO Analyses. Data from

Total of 2453 studies

Evolution of Number of Registered Clinical Trials by country in Africa by year from 2007 to 2018 

(selected countries)

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Source: ACTG-CRO Analyses. Data from

  • Good clinical trial infrastructure in the region

There is continuous growth in the scientific base in Africa, encouraged by local authorities. There are centralized healthcare institutions, well qualified, highly motivated and experienced investigators and excellent clinical trial facilities, which are comparable to the best in class globally.

  • Efficient regulatory and ethics committee processes

The regulatory approval processes in most African countries is no more complex than in Europe. We have great relations with Regulatory Authorities, Ethics Committe and we know the local process for documents submission.

  • ICH / GCP the only Standard

African countries adhere to the ICH / GCP guidelines in the processe for Regulatory and Ethics Committe approval. The Clinical Trials are conducted according to our SOPs to guide and train all the staff, to ensure operations to be carried out in compliance with ICH/GCP & regulations and to fulfill sponsor requests and requirements. ACTG-CRO is committed to implementing International Standards in Clinical Trials.

  • Faster patient recruitment

There is a large naïve population, with diseases of both developed and developing world, which offers strong prospects for large and rapid patient recruitment.

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  • Cost benefits

Including investigator sites in Tunisia and Africa in general, will help reduce the overall drug development timelines, with a higher number of patients in fewer sites enable faster patient recruitment. Our base in Tunisia allows competitive local costing. Our knowledge of the region allows us to provide realistic and reasonnable budgets upfront to our clients by implementing country-specific rates. This translates to cost saving to our clients.

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