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  • Market Access

  • Market Studies

  • Feasibility studies

  • Market research

  • Startegic Positioning Plan

  • Offering Expertise in launching new products

  • Competitive Intelligence Strategy

  • Symposium and Congresses organization

ACTG-CRO provides Market studies and assistance to respond to market needs and expand your business:


  • Taking charge of business to be established or developed through the development of various pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and medical device market studies.

  • Offer expertise in launching new products based on the laboratory's strategic orientations, market needs and product profitability, in the short, medium and long term (choice of ranges, choice of products with high added value, choice tender products).

  • Establishment and application of a short, medium and long term strategic positioning plan on the market by developing, monitoring and carrying out the various annual, three-year and five-year operational plans.

  • Establishment and application of a communication strategy, preparation of ADV promotional material, promotional gadgets and other tools that can be used to better promote the various products placed on the market.

  • Manage a portfolio of opinion leaders and create an advisory board.

  • Development of a competitive intelligence strategy.

  • Development and monitoring of various dashboards (objectives, forecasts, profitability and variances of achievements)

  • Monitoring and updating of the Customers / Prospects database

  • Preparation and organization of various local and international congresses and trade shows.

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