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Patient Support Program

Disease Management: 

•Safety Management

•Adverse Events Reporting

•Quality of Life Survey

Adherence Compliance Management:

•Calling Patients

•Mobile Application

•SMS Reminder

•Transports of Patients

•Access Agreements (hospitals, drug stores & banks)

Patient Education Program:

•Personal and non-personal Patient Education

•Enrollement Strategy

•Remote Monitoring

Access Program Software:



•Online 24/7 Reporting service

•Statistical Reports

•Analysis Reports

What are the Patient Support Programs / Access Programs and what are the benefits for Patients and for Pharmaceutical companies of implementing them?


To better manage disease outcome, understand their conditions and/or provide advice on managing disease: 

☑ Compliance/adherence programmes where consenting patients on a medication are contacted to see how they are managing with their medication


☑ Call centres where patients or patient carers can contact the Patient Educator to obtain further information on medication or a particular disease area as part of a structured programme (this excludes routine ’medical information’ services). This service is proposed from Tunisia and could be offered in most african countries, Europe, America

☑ Access to a more effective treatment for patient with low revenues


☑ Better monitoring of the actual therapeutic scheme

☑ Efficient startegy to determine the more suitable therapeutic approach

☑ Early detection and reporting of related adverse event

These types of programs support patients / access programs provide understanding of the disease itself while improving the therapeutic approach and the overall experience of using the drug or the Medical Device

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